Canxida Remove: The Solution to my Long Struggle with Candida Overgrowth

For 3 years, I had chronic vaginal yeast infections and poor digestion, and was prone to migraines. I didn’t even realize that those latter two problems were associated with candida overgrowth: I just presumed I was aging or experiencing some allergies. Not until after I talked with some friends did they tell me that I probably had a yeast imbalance.

Here’s the problem: once knowing what the cause of my symptoms was, I couldn’t find a long-lasting solution until I came across CanXida Remove. I would try probiotics, which would reduce the severity of vaginal yeast infections and bloating, but not really solve my issues. I would go on a candida diet several times, trying to cut out different foods or add in other ingredients, but such a long-term strict diet was depleting my body of other needed nutrients. I tried extra Vitamin C, zinc, and every individual supplement under the sun and moon: grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, pau d’arco, and more. My symptoms would disappear for a few weeks, but then gradually come back. Finally, one of my wiser friends told me that single ingredients didn’t work for everyone, and I was breaking the bank in my attempts to find the ‘one’ solution when, most likely, I would need to know exactly which combination of ingredients and the right amount of each to blend together. I’m no scientist, and spending hours making concoctions while continuing to drain my finances was not realistic.

My next step in this uphill battle of fighting candida was to try pre-made blends. My local health food store clerks got to know me rather well. Some blends seemed to help, but only for the short term, and after 2 or 3 bottles, the effects would wear off and the product would no longer help me. After an extended, uncomfortable break of six months (to allow my body to build up a tolerance for the ingredients), I’d try another product. Some products did seem to work, but the side effects of die-off were so severe, even if I cut back on the pills, that I truly felt as though I was going to keel over from the pain. I even took molybdenum, but those candida cells kept fighting back ten-fold. I did not like the idea of so many toxins being released into my system at once, and stopped the regimens.

The premade blends scared me off of antifungals and dieting, and I figured maybe I could reason with the candida to just go ahead and live with it if there wasn’t going to be a long term solution, so long as I was never in too much pain. I was exasperated, often oversleeping from low mood and chronic fatigue. My social and sex life were suffering. I had to cancel plans because of a migraine or stomach pain. I even called out of work a few times, which I felt so guilty about, but getting out of bed was nearly impossible some days because of the migraines. My poor, fortunately loving husband, endured my having to explain I had yet another vaginal infection and, as much as I wanted to, could not engage in any intimate activity.

Now, the good news. One of my even wiser, better researched friends raved about CanXida Remove, saying that it was well-researched, gentle, and had all the necessary antifungal ingredients in the right dosages. . I saw the price, and hesitated, but if it really worked, then any cure would be priceless. I remembered my anguish with past products, and hesitated, my friend linked me to the product’s review on Youtube video ND Eric Bakker, which was informative in providing information on each ingredient’s significance in fighting candida. The other videos, such as what side-effects may exist and what dosage of CanXida is recommended, were also helpful and reassuring with the information. I also checked out CanXida’s website, which lists out the benefits of each ingredient in detail: a huge bonus. I was comforted and confident enough to try the product, so I bought just one bottle to start.

What. A. Difference. Within the first three weeks, I’d experienced a few die-off effects, rashes, and general fatigue, but I never felt like I wanted to crawl into a corner and wither away. Three months into this product, and I don’t know that I’d ever felt so spirited in my life. I’ve gone a few months without taking the product now, and have had no vaginal infections. My migraines have all but disappeared, and I’ve even gotten to reintroduce biweekly coffee and beer into my diet!

I cannot stress how much CanXida Remove has helped me reclaim my life by improving my health. With a reasonable diet, probiotics (canxida restore), and the occasional bottle of Canxida as a precaution, I’ve been able to clear away my candida for good. And yes, my husband and friends are happy, too.

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